Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Criminal Dreams

Anyone who's made the mistake of reading my MySpace Blog will be familiar with my dreams and their strangeness. Where possible, I use them as an influence for lyrics but I don't think that'll happen for this one.

I was robbing a large convenience store in the middle of nowhere with my friend. For whatever reason, we didn't need weapons or anything, we just broke through behind the cool section while the staff were away. Then we had to impersonate the staff when the police came, but they saw through our disguise. I helped my friend get away but then had to do some major climbing to get away. I was always almost caught then I got over the obstacle or something. God knows how much I was thrashing around but I didn't wake my girlfriend so that's good.

A few days earlier I had a nastier dream where a friend attempted to get a gatecrasher out of our house party (in a house I don't know) and got hit hard over the head. He decided he'd be fine and wanted to walk home but then I got a call saying he'd collapsed and was in a coma. This wasn't fun clearly. I have odd dreams.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Seeing a film in the company of a celebrity

Last night we dropped in to the Rich Mix cinema in Bethnal Green to see 3:10 to Yuma and found ourselves on the same row as a dapper-looking Ralph Fiennes. He signed an autograph for someone but we decided to stay a bit clear, even though our seats would have put us practically on top of him, had we adhered to the seating position.

This reminds me of my only other 'brush with fame', which was going to the Carnaveron Castle (now thankfully no more) to see brilliantly named Toxic Slut and then talking to a guy who I thought of as being like Mark Lamarr but not nearly as loud and irritating, and his girlfriend. We discussed Highgate cemetary for a few minutes before I took off. Subsequently I was informed that this was in fact Mark Lamarr and the blonde girl with him was Jo Guest. Ever boring, that's me.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

And more site design

Three posts on one day and then that'll be it for a few months, most likely. This morning I took half and hour or so to fix up the mokita website so that both reflects the fact that we've split up or aren't gigging any more, and also removed the rogue gig info from December last year. It's not massively up to date (half the links are long dead in the links section) but it'll be okay to 'leave' for now.

I also keep looking at my TheoGB.com homesite and feeling unsatisfied. I only just did a new version of it but already I feel it totally failed to achieve what I wanted. I think I need a better system behind the scenes for administering it. Or maybe just rethink how to do it. There are a lot of 'old' pages on there that only really exist because my relatives and friends might still expect them to be viewable but I should have integrated them into it a bit better I think.

iShotTheDeputy.com Site Design

I am particularly happy with the new design for iShotTheDeputy.com that I put together. The old one used tables, which I was keen to try to get rid of. It's still not perfect as there are a few too many requests inside the Drupal CSS that break the page flow but I think I got rid of them all.

I put in a sort of motif around the letters a and b but in the Wingdings 2 font, where they form a couple of rather pleasing little curly graphics, which I have used to book end all the articles and the new logo. Aside from that I've been able to pair the message board down from four areas to just one single one, which is far more sensible. I'm actually fairly irritated that I never had it that way originally as it might have helped it to be more used and more useful.

The main issue now facing us is to put in more content but as my co-conspirator is without broadband there's little that can be done: my abilities with the political prose is sadly lacking.

Ground Rules

I used to write occasionally in the blog on my MySpace account but then The Phoenix said something to me that changed all that:
I like your blog Theo. You don't write in it often but every time you post something it's worth reading.

So naturally I retired from the world of MySpace Blogs undefeated. Really, it was too much responsibility.

I say this to set the bar low and explain that this blog won't be reaching those heights. If you're reading it then you should ask yourself the question 'why?', because I have no plans to use this for more than storing thoughts about my latest web design ideas and projects, and keeping track of various other things in my life. If I do decide to grace these 'pages' with an anecdote I'll do my best to flag it, unless it's horribly disappointing.