Friday, 13 March 2009

Pocus Whiteface Website

I've been working on three new websites recently, though one is in hiatus until it's signed off. In the mean time I took what I learned from designing that site and applied it to the band website, which had been in a 'rough' form for far too long.

The new design is modular and uses PHP 5 and in creating it I already so a load of things I could reapply to the other website to improve on the initial form. Anyway, the Pocus site has been designed to be a very basic, no frills design but with a high level of information.

As such, it has some very obvious key screens: About, News, Gigs, Photos, Videos, Releases, Songs, all of which follow the same basic pattern of a logo at the top and post after post coming along beneath with the information. The font is Courier New right now but I think I'll change it to Garamond in a few minutes; the picking of Courier New was a deliberate attempt to make it look basic and concentrate on the content.

Behind the scenes the structure is clever: songs are added to releases (with notes on the version if necessary) and then reordered so that under each release you can see the songs that are on it in track order and each song is a link back to that song's info. Likewise under each song is a list of all the releases it is on and the videos.

There's some other stuff coming including images of the lyrics in handwritten form and set lists and stuff. It's going to be looking pretty sweet when it's all done.