Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I Think I Want Monothematic Albums Now

The new Radiohead album has been released and I have it in my virtual hands. It's not really what I expected mainly because I assumed 'The Eraser' was produced to allow Thom Yorke to do one sort of song and Radiohead to do another, but this sounds almost exactly the same to my ears, but with a bit more 'real' instrumentation.

I listened to Hail to the Thief last night in anticipation and I'd forgotten how a lot of it sounded and it wasn't that far from The Eraser in its own way, but while I'm enjoying a lot of 'In Rainbows' I've realised that I really like albums now that hit one style and pretty much grind it into your brain.

The first two tracks are fast and pounding and then (as in fact is true of most Radiohead albums) the third track is sort of slow and lazy and the second time I started it up I realised I really wasn't that bothered about any of the 'slowies'. Anyway, I'm slowly soaking it up and getting into it but it takes a bit of a gear change I think.

London Progressive Journal

So, the London Progressive Journal is starting to take shape. The site has been set up and the web address purchased. It will be a weekly online newspaper dealing with the news and current affairs from a left-wing slant. That's all I can say right now because I'm merely the webmonkey on this one.

Bad Days

Actually it hasn't been a bad week but I forgot to blog some stuff from last week so I'll do it now. I was hoping I could backdate stuff but I guess that would require MySQL access so I'll just do it all here.

Last Wednesday, as I got up to take my place on the train to Basildon for my one day a week in the office, I neglected to consider my suit jacket was folded over my arms and contained my mobile phone. This device decided to leap from its silky home, bounce once on the platform and dive gracefully into the gap between the edge of the platform and the wheels of the train.

I briefly considered whether I'd have to wait until the train left, reach down and grab it and then continue my journey on the next one, but luckily the driver walked by at that point on his way to the cab and, after he'd ascertained we could see the phone, got the litter grabber from a cleaner and retrieved my trusty device. It is now scratched to buggery but at least it's still in one piece.

Anyway, there you go.