Thursday, 13 September 2007

And more site design

Three posts on one day and then that'll be it for a few months, most likely. This morning I took half and hour or so to fix up the mokita website so that both reflects the fact that we've split up or aren't gigging any more, and also removed the rogue gig info from December last year. It's not massively up to date (half the links are long dead in the links section) but it'll be okay to 'leave' for now.

I also keep looking at my homesite and feeling unsatisfied. I only just did a new version of it but already I feel it totally failed to achieve what I wanted. I think I need a better system behind the scenes for administering it. Or maybe just rethink how to do it. There are a lot of 'old' pages on there that only really exist because my relatives and friends might still expect them to be viewable but I should have integrated them into it a bit better I think.

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