Thursday, 13 September 2007 Site Design

I am particularly happy with the new design for that I put together. The old one used tables, which I was keen to try to get rid of. It's still not perfect as there are a few too many requests inside the Drupal CSS that break the page flow but I think I got rid of them all.

I put in a sort of motif around the letters a and b but in the Wingdings 2 font, where they form a couple of rather pleasing little curly graphics, which I have used to book end all the articles and the new logo. Aside from that I've been able to pair the message board down from four areas to just one single one, which is far more sensible. I'm actually fairly irritated that I never had it that way originally as it might have helped it to be more used and more useful.

The main issue now facing us is to put in more content but as my co-conspirator is without broadband there's little that can be done: my abilities with the political prose is sadly lacking.

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