Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Criminal Dreams

Anyone who's made the mistake of reading my MySpace Blog will be familiar with my dreams and their strangeness. Where possible, I use them as an influence for lyrics but I don't think that'll happen for this one.

I was robbing a large convenience store in the middle of nowhere with my friend. For whatever reason, we didn't need weapons or anything, we just broke through behind the cool section while the staff were away. Then we had to impersonate the staff when the police came, but they saw through our disguise. I helped my friend get away but then had to do some major climbing to get away. I was always almost caught then I got over the obstacle or something. God knows how much I was thrashing around but I didn't wake my girlfriend so that's good.

A few days earlier I had a nastier dream where a friend attempted to get a gatecrasher out of our house party (in a house I don't know) and got hit hard over the head. He decided he'd be fine and wanted to walk home but then I got a call saying he'd collapsed and was in a coma. This wasn't fun clearly. I have odd dreams.


Mr Rossy said...

Gosh, sounds like your dreams are intense, have you ever had band / gig dreams, when everything goes wrong etc...i think it's a common one for people in bands !!!

I need to leave my house and come see your band !!!!

TheoGB said...

I have totally had those sorts of dreams. One of them made a solo album thing I did. It's in Last.FM - search for 1101010. There are two tracks with bits of monologue in them based on that. :D